Youth Served
That's 3,251.5 hours
Adults Served
That's 6297 hours
Veterans Served
That's 891 hours
Families Served
That's 504 hours

For over forty years Compeer has demonstrated the power of supportive friendships to improve the lives of people living with mental illness. 

Here’s a sampling of our success in 2017:

Adult Program:

  • 78% reported an increase in self-worth
  • 74% reported a decrease in social isolation
  • 74% reported an increase in overall wellness
  • 75% reported a decrease in the inappropriate use of health care services
  • 72% of matches lasted at least one year
  • 53% of matches lasted at least two years

Youth Program:

  • 67% of youth served in 2017 had been in their match for at least one year
  • 91% reported a high level of youth-centeredness in their match
  • 100% reported a high level of emotional engagement with their mentor
  • 91% reported a high level of overall satisfaction with their match and with Compeer services

CompeerCORPS Veterans Program:

  • 100% of those served reported easier transition into civilian life

Family Mentoring Program:

  • Of youth from families that received support from our Family Peer Advocate, 81% have been in their match for at least one year; compared to 59% of youth from families that did not receive these services
  • 100% of families receiving support reported an increase in their overall stability

Plus, several studies have produced proof-positive that the Compeer model works. 

Evaluating the Compeer Model of Intentional Friendship

St. Vincent de Paul Society and the William Buckland Foundation Report: Friendship Really Matters

“Compeer is an exceptional organization that uses the power of friendship to support recovery from mental illness. The friendships initiated and nurtured through the Compeer program enable many people with mental illness to share their thoughts, feelings, achievements and frustrations in a healthy, healing, supportive and trusting environment. Compeer and its outstanding services have been promoting personal independence and recovery from mental illness in New York State for 40 years.”Dr. Michael F. Hogan, former Commissioner of the New York State Office of Mental Health