Family Mentoring Program

At Compeer, we view the family as a whole unit.  We understand the importance of a positive family environment for those in our Youth Program.  With this in mind, we created the Family Peer Mentor position. Through this program, Compeer closely connects families to the services, agencies, and other resources that can help them attain their vision for their family’s wellness.  This support might be as simple as giving a family a list of affordable summer camps or after school programs in their neighborhood, or providing information on local food pantries; or as intensive as our Family Peer Mentor accompanying families to agency appointments, court appointments, or school meetings.   On the whole, our Family Peer Mentor provides our participating youth and their families with information, inspiration, support, and advocacy.

See a testimonial from Vivian Rodriguez, a participant in the Family Mentoring Program

To learn more, contact:

Maggie Burgos, Senior Family Peer Mentor, at 585-546-8280 extension 204 or at

Cheri Greenauer, Family Peer Mentor, at 585-546-8280 extension 219 or at