No other organization in our community is exclusively dedicated to providing supportive, healing companionship to a too-often marginalized and stigmatized group in our community—those living with mental illness.

For over forty years, Compeer Rochester has been here for those in our community who are working to achieve mental wellness. While clinical support and services and medicine are key pieces to recovery, those with mental illness need connection with people who care.

It costs about $80,000 per year for a person with mental illness to live in a mental health facility. For just $1,273 per year, a person living with mental illness can have a Compeer Rochester friend for a year, and gain the profound benefits of this companionship—connection to people and the community, and escape from the isolation that so many with mental illness suffer. All of these factors come together to reduce the likelihood of institutionalization. 

Because our model has demonstrated success, there is pressing demand for our programs and services—more people are referred to us by mental health professionals than we can currently serve through our signature one:one-match adult, youth, and veteran programs. Your contributions are critical to carrying out our mission and work.

Send a check to Compeer Rochester, 259 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY 14607.
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