Compeer Calling

Rose Gallo (pictured at right) is 94 and legally blind, but this does not stop her energetic spirit and friendly voice from making a big difference for Compeer Rochester. As a Compeer Caller, Rose connects by phone weekly with adults in the community who are striving for mental health. At one point, Rose was calling eleven folks per week to lend an ear and express her concern and care. Her calls buoy the spirits of those on the other end of the phone. “I can hear it in their voice,” says Rose. “They are different people when they hang up the phone than when they answered.” Rose also reports that her Compeer Calling boosts her spirits as well, making this volunteer experience as beneficial to her as it is to those she helps.

Through Compeer Calling and E-Buddies, Compeer Rochester connects with adults in the community living with mental illness who are awaiting a one to one Adult Program match.  These connections involve regular phone calls and/or emails, and provide a virtual but vital link to someone who cares.

As with all our programs, volunteers are provided thorough training and responsive support.

If you are interested in Compeer Calling and/or E-Buddies sign up to become a volunteer

Connect with one of our adult program coordinators: 

Kimberly Grillo at extension 205 or email 

Suzanne Sovocool at extension 220 or email