September’s Volunteer of the Month

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(Left: Karen; Right: Patricia)

September’s Volunteer of the Month

We’re so fortunate here at Compeer to be able to work in an environment that cultivates growth and care for one another. Our coordinators are constantly blown away by the generous and thoughtful volunteers they come across. The entire Compeer mission, which strives to help build bridges and stop the stigma that surrounds mental illness, has proven to be as successful as it is, because of a community of such giving individuals.

Each month, we make it a point to highlight a particular volunteer who has made a significant impact with Compeer. Through the nominations of our coordinators, we have the hard job of choosing just one individual a month to say a special thanks to.

For the month of September, Karen was nominated by her coordinator, Suzanne Sovocool.

Karen came to Compeer initially to satisfy a class requirement for her occupational therapy program at Erie Community College. “Right from the start, she showed enthusiasm and desire to make a difference someone else’s life, regardless of that requirement,” Suzanne comments.  She is always upbeat, uplifting, and ready to try new things. “She’s a joy to have around,” Suzanne adds.

Karen and her match Patricia met almost a year ago and quickly became great friends. They encourage each other to break outside each other’s comfort zone and to try new activities. Their friendship has developed so much so, that they’ve even started dressing alike! Karen loves to wear hats and Patricia has even begun favoring hates as well. They cook meals together and Karen encourages her friend to go with her to the many festivals in the Rochester area.

“I have seen such a difference in Karen’s match since they’ve met. I’m more impressed with them each day,” Suzanne comments. “Karen is just a giving soul who truly sees the good in people. We’re incredibly lucky to have here at Compeer.”

From everyone here at Compeer, we want to thank you, Karen, for all your time and compassion that you’ve shown in helping to improve the lives of others. We couldn’t do it without you!