Peggy and Sue

Peggy and Susan’s friendship represents the perfect balance between two people who found each other at the right time. Compeer Rochester tries hard to create friendships for those who need companionship. Unfortunately, those companions don’t always come quickly. Peggy waited a few months to get matched.  They both say it was worth the wait to find each other and become friends.

Peggy’s mother was a volunteer with Compeer for over 20 years, so when her therapist suggested Compeer she was familiar with the program and excited to make a new friend.

However, excitement can also bring nerves; “I was scared at our first meeting” admits Peggy, which was at the Compeer annual picnic “I even showed up an hour early to the event” they both laugh at the memory.

She quickly got over her fear once Susan showed up. They both walked the shoreline of the beach and exchanged jokes and stories.

Susan found Compeer through her workplace, Doyle Security. She found she had a lot more time on her hands with her kids grown up and wanted to use that time to help someone. She admired that Peggy had a bachelor’s degree and really wanted to be matched with another woman around the same age.

Peggy and Susan have been matched since July of 2015 and spend their time together doing an array of different things. Peggy has a scholarship through the JCC, and the two of them walk the track while catching up. They also attend art festivals and enjoy talking in coffee shops. Peggy enjoys learning about healthy habits through Susan such as food nutrition. They both enjoy trading stories about “the old days” in college and sharing laughs.

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