CompeerCORPS Veterans Program

“I lived through some pretty tough stuff when I was deployed. When I came home, I realized I needed help; I discovered CompeerCORPS and was matched with Ed, a fellow veteran who understands so much of my experience.  What’s more, through CompeerCORPS I’ve met many other veterans, across the generations, who can really identify with what I’ve been through and what I’m dealing with now. I can confidently say that CompeerCORPS has been a life saver for me—perhaps literally.”

Martin, age 39

Many of our Veterans deal daily with severe stresses that stem from trauma experienced during deployment.  Guided by the proof  that supportive friendship can be enriching and healing, our CompeerCORPS Veterans Program, in collaboration with the Rochester Veterans Outreach Center, provides essential supportive friendships and networks for Veterans in our community working to reintegrate into civilian life after their military service. Volunteers and their Veteran matches spend at least four hours monthly together out in the Greater Rochester community, taking in our region’s rich, diverse cultural, recreational, and educational offerings and opportunities: parks, museums, restaurants, theater, sports, and much more.

Participating Veterans learn about Compeer through our partnerships with the Rochester Veterans Outreach Center and other Veteran organizations.  Our goal is that the volunteer-Veteran match be a source of wellness for both—that the volunteer and Veteran both give and receive!

Our special volunteers are thoroughly screened and trained for their important work and matched carefully, taking into account interests, type of military service, etc.  Some matches are quite alike in age, military service, and other characteristics, while others are matched across generations, to bridge generational gaps among those with the common experience of military life.  These matches are supported every step of the way by Compeer Rochester staff

We organize regular gatherings and events for the matches and in myriad other ways provide assistance and encouragement; we also offer get-together opportunities—coffee hours, picnics, and other outings and activities—for those Veterans awaiting a one-to-one match.

Be a friend, make a difference! Veterans who can benefit from our supportive friendship model are awaiting matches in our community. Volunteer with us and enrich two lives! 

If you’re seeking to volunteer, be matched with a volunteer, or have other questions, connect with our CompeerCORPS Coordinator,  Mike Buckpitt, at 585-546-8280, extension 205 or at